Like most companies that have been in existence for any length of time, there is usually a story behind the scenes.


This company as well has a history.  It was established in 1974 as Ronald Terry Electric by its original owner Ronald Terry and his wife Joyce.  Mr. Terry built a compay with a passion for service.  Specializing in residential and commercial electrical work, this company grew to be an icon in the Decatur area.  Mr. Terry dedicated his life to a work ethic of integrity and honesty.

Early in 1999, Mr. Terry approached Greg Dobbs about the possibility of selling his company and semi-retiring.  Never has the term semi-retired ever been so truly defined.  After so many years of serving the public with his years at Decatur Utilities and the years at Ronald Terry Electric, retirement was not a well accepted option.  He continues today to stay active in projects helping others and staying interested in his chosen profession.  Mr. Terry agreed to stay with the company after the sale for 6 months for a transition period and after that time left the company to its new owner and president; Greg Dobbs.

Greg Dobbs' history in the electrical field began in 1980.  Accepting a job with a local industrial electrical contractor, his career grew as well as the company he was with.  That company grew to be the largest industrial company in this area.  During a brief buy-out of that company Mr. Dobbs decided to pursue an option of going out on his own, hence  the purchase of Ronald Terry Electric in October of 1999.  With a continuation of its legacy the name remains the same, the ethics remain the same, the dedication to this community  and profession remains the same.


DCEC Beginning, After many months of  deliberation  the decision to change the company name  was made . DCEC or Dobbs & Company Electrical Contractors was chosen. We have the same staff, same location and same dedication to offer the customer the quality service they have come to expect. We still get the same questions when we answer the phone as to where is Ronald or where is that boy that bought him out. Please don’t hang up thinking you have dialed the wrong number.  We have a new company logo that was designed to attract a younger clientele and  still offer the same services that we have always provided.